When you think Minimalism, you might envision throwing all of your possessions away, wearing the same thing every day & reverting back to the days of yore with bonnet & hand-written letters to boot.

Let us be the ones to assure you that while we can’t accurately say that no one is doing those things, minimalism is not quite as scary as the aforementioned vision might seem. And what if we also assured you that the lifestyle could actually allow you to own & afford more of what you love, and less of all the other stuff.  At SoNu Digs, our primary vision was to create homes that allow you to live minimally & ultimately happier.

Below are just some of the reasons leading a minimalist lifestyle can actually contribute to a happier & healthier life (because no, that 7th pair of identical jeans actually isn’t making you happy).

More focus

When you spend less time finding the romper that’s going to last one wash, you begin focusing on things that actually matter to you. Your health, relationships and hobbies all seem to come to the surface when you let yourself make time for them. Instead of creating apartment homes with 3 bedrooms and a large layout with shanty-quality, we created homes that are pure quality floor-to-ceiling.

More money

Some simple math here. If you stop purchasing those small things that you end up purging every spring- imagine how much money you would save. This could, in fact, go towards the vacation you say you can’t afford, or the new couch you’ve had your eyes on for three years. Fill your SoNu Digs home with the things you need & things that continue to make you happy after the initial purchase.

More time

A smaller home with less stuff means considerably less time spent cleaning. You also might even be spending less time shopping, so you’ll have time to spend doing things you really enjoy with people you love.

Less attachment

You’ll notice that when you focus less on all the things you “need,” you’ll experience a decreasing reliance on new stuff and more desire to focus on yourself. Realizing that the newest thing doesn’t actually create happiness is liberating, give it a try.

More Freedom

Nothing is holding you back! You have more time, more money & ultimately more freedom to do what really makes you happy. If it’s going backpacking in Europe for a week, go on ahead. If it’s finally being able to afford that espresso machine that is all kinds of perfect (and will also help you save money on getting that cup of coffee every morning) do your thing. Or, if seeing your savings account go up from 32 cents for the first time since 2012, right on. You’re free!

A minimalist lifestyle can sound intimidating when you first start out, but trust us you’ll be happier when you try it. We believe that by shifting your lifestyle to one that is minimalist, you’ll be much happier. Learn more about the minimalist lifestyle by scoping out our floor plans that feature micro-apartments & scheduling a tour at SoNu Digs.